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ACT! Software Takes Customer and Contact Management to the Next Level

For the past two decades, ACT! has proven to be the unrivaled software solution for managing contacts and customers that enhances productivity. The software enables users to track sales opportunities, manage everyday tasks, improve communication, and organize contacts. According to ACT consultants, the software has continuously helped businesses streamline their processes and improve their overall performance.

The latest software version, ACT 2008, features an interactive dashboard that offers a 360-degree view of work. Users can view the big picture and dive into details while also writing emails, scheduling meetings, and viewing opportunities. The dashboard is available for all versions of the ACT 2008 software, including ACT, ACT Premium, and ACT Premium for Web.

ACT also offers vertical software solutions for professionals in specific industries, including real estate and finance. The version for real estate professionals provides integrated information about buyers, sellers, and properties, allowing Realtors to take a property listing from the inquiry stage through the closing stage.

It also enables real estate professionals to access critical calendar information and buyer, seller, and property information through mobile computing devices. The version for financial professionals provides mobile portability, as well as assistance in collecting important finance-specific information on clients, and helps financial service professionals comply with company-wide and industry standards.

ACT has numerous partners that provide add-on solutions to the already robust ACT 2008 software. These include data and document management, addressing and shipping solutions, email and direct mail marketing add-ons, faxing capabilities, project management, and sales management, import and export solutions, and graphics and mapping add-ons.

Implementing ACT software is best done with the assistance of ACT consultants. ACT-certified consultants are fully trained in ACT 2008 and can review a business’s current practices and suggest ways to customize the software to maximize productivity. They can also train staff or the systems administrator, who can in turn train new employees to use the system.

ACT consultants can also assist in integrating everything from handheld computers to servers. Some are even remote sales force automation experts and can expedite the process of gaining remote access to databases. Additionally, the best are specialists in database recovery in the event of data loss.

ACT has continuously proven to be the premier customer and contact management solution being used today. Licensing the software and engaging the services of ACT consultants can transform the way businesses operate, improving productivity and performance across the board. With the vertical software solutions and add-on solutions provided by it and its partners, businesses can tailor the software to their specific needs and achieve even greater efficiency.