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Alternatives To Television


It’s no secret that many people spend several hours each day watching television. The average person manages about two full months’ worth of television per year. This excessive TV viewing is believed to significantly contribute to the obesity problem in North America.

However, finding an alternative to watching hours of television can be a challenging task for those who have a favorite show or cannot miss a particular program regularly.

Exercising is an excellent alternative to television and is also an enjoyable way to spend those few hours. Not only is exercising a great way to burn calories and lose weight, but it can also improve heart and lung function and help individuals feel better both physically and mentally. Even something as simple as taking a brisk walk outside can help people avoid the temptation of television and enjoy numerous health benefits.

Picking up a new hobby is another fantastic substitute for watching television. Learning and developing a new skill, such as knitting or playing darts, can be a fulfilling experience and may even become a lifelong leisure pursuit.

Reading is another great option to avoid excessive TV viewing. Reading allows individuals to use their imagination and promotes mental health and the expansion of the mind.

In conclusion, while it may be difficult to give up watching television entirely, finding alternative activities can be a great way to avoid the potential health problems associated with excessive TV viewing. Exercise, hobbies, and reading are all enjoyable and fulfilling activities that offer numerous physical and mental health benefits. By making these alternatives a regular part of their lives, individuals can improve their overall well-being and reduce their reliance on television.